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Merchant City IPA

Rating: 3.1

A new beer from a new brewery now, this one is my first time trying a beer from the newly launched Merchant City Brewing Co. after they started releasing beers towards the end of 2017. The beer is one that caught my eye given the name of the beer and is one I picked up from a local bottle shop for that reason alone but I was also quietly hoping decent beer too. This one appears to be one of around six beers that the brewery currently makes and I did notice a few others from them in the shop when I grabbed this one but I felt I should probably see what this one was like before committing to any more from them.

Appearance (4/5): Caramel amber with a hazy body and quite a large, four centimetre tall head that was creamy white and faded to leave a patchy surface lacing over the opening few minutes with some touches of lacing left on the sides of the glass too.
Aroma (5/10): Quite a bitter and earthy beer on the nose initially, there was some nutty notes and a slightly dark aroma that had some nice roasted malts in the background too. It was somewhat fruity further on but it definitely seemed basic and wasn’t a great start at all.
Taste (5/10): Tangy with some citrus in the early going before the nutty flavours that the nose hinted at started to take over alongside a background sweetness and some light fruits. Again it was a basic beer with some toffee and the odd earthy hop showing but I definitely wasn’t impressed with this beer sadly.
Palate (4/5): Medium bodied with a subtle citrus tang coming through on top of what was quite a smooth beer. It was a dry offering towards the end with an earthy feel throughout and moderate carbonation that made it seem slightly fresh at times.

Overall (10/20): Quite a disappointing one this, it was a very basic and earthy tasting beer that did have a slight tang showing early on with the taste but there definitely wasn’t much going on with it beyond that. The nutty flavours seemed to dominate and there was a subtle sweetness from some fruits at times too but it’s not a great one; it remains to be seen if I decide to give the brewery another chance or avoid them completely in future.

Brewed In: Glasgow, Scotland
Brewery: Merchant City Brewing Co.
First Brewed: 2017
Type: English IPA
Abv: 5.8%
Serving: Bottle (330ml)
Purchased: Wee Beer Shop (Glasgow)
Price: £2.60

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