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Lost in Mosaic

Rating: 4.0

My fifth beer from the Loch Lomond brewery now and a first since I was subjected to their Peat Smoked Ale in September of last year, a beer that was definitely one of the worst I have ever tried. This one is a beer that I found on-tap at the Shilling Brewing Company in Glasgow recently and opted to try based mainly upon the name of the beer but it’s probably not one that I’d have went for had I remember how bad the last from the brewery ended up being. Thankfully this one was a lot better and ended up being a beer that I enjoyed when I had it over the weekend; here’s what I thought of it at the time.

Appearance (5/5): Dark amber and quite a cloudy beer, this one looks murky with a thick head that sits about a centimetre tall or slightly larger. The head itself looks creamy in texture and wavy on the surface, it’s white in colour and holds very well in the early going too; an excellent start.
Aroma (7/10): Fresh with a lot of citrus in the early going, I got some lemon with the odd biscuit note not too far behind. Around the middle there was a caramel sweetness with touches of bread malts and further subtle hops before some floral touches rounded off what was a balanced but light nose.
Taste (7/10): Fruity hops and some hints of tart kick things off here, there was a fresh taste with some grapefruit and touches of biscuit coming through alongside the bread malts from the nose but they seemed a touch weaker this time around. There was hints of lemon and mango nearer the end with a touch of peach making a brief appearance too.
Palate (4/5): Medium bodied and fresh with a well carbonated body that was crisp and had good hop bitterness throughout. The beer was balanced and sharp with some lingering floral touches towards the end but it was quite an easy one to drink.

Overall (16/20): This one was quite a nice offering from Loch Lomond and a beer that seemed both fresh and balanced with a lively feel that was quite bitter too. There was a nice combination of fruits and citrus hops with touches of malt adding a sweetness to the beer later on, something that was enough to keep it drinkable and interesting throughout.

Brewed In: Alexandria, West Dunbartonshire, Scotland
Brewery: Loch Lomond Brewery
First Brewed: 2017
Type: American Pale Ale
Abv: 5.0%
Serving: Keg (Pint)
Purchased: Shilling Brewing Co., Glasgow, Scotland
Price: £5.70

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